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Recent Ceremonies

"We require story to link our lives with each other. Story couples our experiences, mind to mind and heart to heart." —Christina Baldwin

"It's a myth to say that time can heal. Breathing and mindfulness can." —Siobhan O'Conner

"I am a wedding expert, trained in the art of ceremony. As your personal celebrant, I'm dedicated to co-creating a personal ceremony that is inclusive and memorable." —Pam

"As I watched my grandchildren participating, I understood the true value of having a memorial service for our dog. I believe it helped them not only heal a bit from the loss of their beloved dog, but also prepare them for future loss as well." —Linda

"I was impressed... a lot of time, thought and research into planning the ceremony, and I, for one, felt enlivened and inspired afterwards. I highly recommend Pam Torres--and will use her again--as a celebrant for any type of ceremony marking life's changes." —Anne Crawford after attending an Autumnal Equinox Celebration.

"When I prepare your memorial, I become your advocate and work tirelessly to make sure your loved one is remembered honestly and personally. We've all been to funerals that have left us empty and cold. Your loved one's life deserves to be honored and celebrated."—Pam

The Celebrant

As a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant® I am uniquely trained in the art or ritual and ceremony creation. I trained with the Celebrant Foundation and Institute I hold diploma's in wedding, funerals and memorials, ceremonies across the life cycle and healing ceremonies.
There is nothing more I love than creating a meaningful ceremony that connects loved ones together, celebrates the life and love of my clients and leaves them with a powerful emotional impact that they will remember and reflect on for years to come.

I was raised in a religious home and have great appreciation for the direction it provided in my early years.
I am an explorer, a seeker of truth wherever I find it and strongly believe that our happiness depends on how we view
ourselves in the world and our relationship with others. It is that drive that has always guided me and continues to lead me to amazing
insights, wonderfully diverse people and opens my heart to alternative perspectives. As mother of six children, each one very different

from the last, I have become an excellent listener. When I hear someone speaking from their heart, I recognize that pure sound and enjoy reflecting that positive energy back to them. I apply this same unconditional listening while working with a client to create the perfect ceremony.

My work as an author has given me the wonderful tools of storytelling, one of the key elements to a personal ceremony. There are universal truths that resonate with all people, regardless of age, race or sexual orientation. It is from these roots that I forge a meaningful narrative that represents my clients in the most authentic and highly personal way. Each ceremony begins with a blank page, no two ceremonies are the same, because no two people are the same. Whether we are celebrating a life well lived, or two lives coming together into one, my expertise in the power of ceremony and ritual creation will make an important moment, a monumental experience that will be remembered long after the ceremony has ended.
The Author

Pam Torres was born in Logan, Utah and spent most of her growing up in Prairie Village, Kansas. Besides playing Dorothy during tornado weather, digging Peter Pan-like underground forts she also played piano and ran cross-country. She started her family early and had five energetic and creative children and returned to school when the last one was four. She has fond memories of reading and playing with her children in between hefty amounts of volunteering at church and their schools. Several of her favorite memories were doing writers workshop, updating the art docent program, recruiting volunteers, working as the parent liaison for the curriculum team, publishing articles in the newsletter and directing a very popular after school art club.

About this time she met her current husband, who had a four-year-old son of his own making them a lopsided Brady Bunch. In college she majored in communication with an emphasis on journalism and writing. As managing editor of the the UWT's literary magazine she learned formatting, working with editors and producing a quality product. Working as an advertising and contributing editor for Walk About Magazine she quickly learned that in order to move up in the Public Relations Field or Advertising she was up against stiff competition: twenty-somethings willing to work 80 hours a week. Her children were all blessed with beautiful huge teeth for their small mouths. In search of the best orthodontia coverage at several companies, she took a sales management position in downtown Seattle.

Writing was the one constant in her life through all the struggles of single parenthood, stepparent issues and bringing a large family together. She continued to write her brains out in hopes of writing full time one day. After five years in sales, she quit her well paying job to write. Her supportive husband is her biggest cheerleader and she frequently acknowledges that she couldn't have done it without him.

She organized Project Madison around it's release and is donating 10% of her proceeds to the ASPCA®, animal shelters and other programs to benefit homeless or abused animals. She also conducts writing workshops for elementary age children and assemblies through her Write-On Workshops.

Author Pam Torres
Project Madison Series